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All those Chihuahuas you spy in those purses, pet strollers or carryalls are adorable as all get-out, but you might be looking at one of seven popular Chihuahua mixed breeds and not a purebred Chi.

Here are seven Chihuahua mixes, ranked from most common to least based on Wisdom Panel data, and what you what you might expect from each cross:

  1. Chihuahua-Terrier: Get ready for adventure and exercise because these higher-energy Chihuahua mixes are up for anything fun and stimulating that includes you.
  2. Chihuahua-Poodle. This super-smart, trainable and responsive mix could keep you guessing, but the Poodle’s friendly, fun and loyal temperament provide great balance.
  3. Chihuahua-Pitbull. Fun loving, gentle and patient, this little love bug is willing to please, play games and enjoy copious amounts of mutual affection.
  4. Chihuahua-Pomeranian. A personality-plus extroverted Chihuahua mix, for sure, with playfulness, energy, liveliness and love to spare — all delivered with a doggy smile.
  5. Chihuahua-Jack Russell. Give this whip-smart, busy, energetic and highly spirited mix a job to do, and you’ll both be the happier for it.
  6. Chihuahua-Pug. A charming and outgoing mix that lives to please, is easy to train and great for moderate-energy owners or families seeking a laid-back, loving pup.
  7. Chihuahua-Corgi. Quick intelligence, strong independence and a forceful will keep these active, animated and large-dog-personality pups in charge, without a need for constant affection.

How common are Chihuahua mixes

Mixed-breed dogs with at least 10% Chihuahua ancestry make up 16% of all ancestry reports, according to Dr. Annette Louviere, Data and Veterinary Genetics Manager at Wisdom Panel.

If you’re thinking about sharing your life with an adorable Chihuahua mix, know what dog breeds are represented to better understand your dog. And it can be hard to tell based on appearance. Visual identification is right only about 25% of the time when guessing a Chihuahua mix based only on looks — even for experts, says Dr. Louviere.

Temperament of Chihuahua mixes

“As with any mixed breed dog, it’s difficult to predict what a specific pup will be like, especially when talking temperament,” says Dr. Louviere. “Chihuahuas are known for their small size and big personalities. They can be quirky, smart and stubborn. They closely bond with their people and will shower them with affection.”

Any Chihuahua mixed breed can make a great companion to a single owner or a family. The keys, as with any dog breed, are patience, positive training and socialization.

Whether you go through a shelter or a rescue to find your perfect mix match, learning as much history as possible can help ensure a lasting match. “Each pup has a unique story, so it’s helpful to find out what you can,” says Dr. Lourviere. “Most likely you will be provided with an assessment of the dog’s behavior and current health status. The more you know the better!”

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